Crawdad Mouse


Written by Andy Whitcomb

Recently I received yet another wacky fishing related gift: the Crawdad Optical Computer Mouse.

Although perhaps not the most ergonomically designed mouse, as with most new items, I could get used to this. With no software or installation necessary, the Crawdad Mouse (“Crawse?”, “Mousedad?”) was up and running smoothly in seconds. It is equipped for either USB or PS2 connections, and is surprisingly lightweight. More on that in a moment.

At ( I also found it available in “Firetiger” or “Daredevil,” depending on what kind of a frustrated-by-sitting-at-the-computer-and-not-fishing angler you are. It even comes with a split ring at the nose, for a little more angler bling. Or for attaching a hook?

With each wacky gift, I like to consider how practical the item might be in a pinch, however far-reaching that pinch might be. For example, what if one was stranded on a raft with only a laptop computer and this mouse decorated to look like a lure? Could it be used to catch fish?

As light as it is, I think it might float, so at least initially it has some potential as a top-water lure. However, it is probably not built to be watertight, so once the compartments filled and it began to sink, it could be worked as a jerk bait because it lacks a diving lip. If it is allowed to settle to the bottom and moved slightly, this mouse reveals another nifty feature: the interior light kicks on to give it an enticing red glow. It only comes with about 48 inches of “line,” and if I happen to have a spool of braided line in my wildly reaching raft-scenario, I’m not even sure what knot I’d use to help reach the depths, as well as avoid electrocution.

Still, with the junk they’ve found in the stomachs of sharks, anything is possible. And clicking this new lure-looking mouse even has me thinking it is possible that I’ve been sitting at my computer too long. Time to throw a real lure.