BFL 5.5 from DOA Lures


One of the lesser known but truly effective baits from DOA Lures is the BFL 5.5 swimbait. The smaller cousin of the original BFL, or Big Fish Lure, this 5.5 inch version is perfect for imitating mullet. I have personally used it to catch numerous tarpon, snook, trout, jacks, cudas,  and big redfish. Others use it on fish ranging from cobia to largemouth bass. The soft plastic body has a  plastic insert in the head which gives it a neutral buoyancy. The jointed body, when used with the plastic lip included in the package, wiggles vigorously side to side when used with a steady retrieve.

Redfish love the BFL 5.5

Here in the Mosquito Lagoon, I like to use the BFL when targeting bull redfish, especially in late summer and fall. These fish can often be difficult to catch on lures because they are highly pressured. I have had redfish in excess of 20 pounds fighting over the BFL when they wouldn’t even look at other lures.  The best results come when pulling the lure across the front of the school with a steady retrieve.

A Mosquito Lagoon Bull Red

Snook also love the BFL 5.5. I have had great success using both a steady retrieve as well as an erratic pattern of stop and go. Reel the lure quickly for 5-10 feet and then pause. It is often during the pause that you will get the strike.

This snook fell for the BFL along a seawall

For tarpon, cast in front of rolling fish and cross their path using a steady retrieve. If necessary, alter your retrieve. Blind casting the BFL can draw strikes from fish that you know are there but will not roll. This is not a lure made for fishing the shallow grass flats. With a single treble that hangs below the bait, you need a couple feet of water to get the best action. The single hook makes releasing large fish much less dangerous than plugs with multiple treble hooks.  Use it along the deeper edges of flats, along docks and seawalls, creek mouths and inlets, and along the beaches.

The fall mullet run is happening this month and the fish are filling up on both coasts. Now is a great time to give the BFL a try.