Kayak Fishing Report

Reid discovered the fun of sight fishing from the Native Versa Board.

Reid discovered the fun of sight fishing from the Native Versa Board.

Battling the incessant winds, kayak fishing has been successful and the right game plan a “must”.   Without question: If the tides are decent, the fishing is going to be very good somewhere.   The latest cold episode shouldn’t change things a great deal and it is exciting to think about the action returning to exactly what it has been.   Redfish, trout and even flounder have remained easy targets through the second half of November.    Redfish finally got into patterns I would categorize as “Fall” behavior.    On one trip, 22 were caught in a two-hour period throwing only 12 Fathom lures and only moving twice to stay on the school on a rising tide.
Speckled trout are closed to harvest until January 1, 2012 in the South region but the larger trout are beginning to displace the underslot runts that have dominated the flats.   One 27-inch trout was caught on the 12 Fathom SlamR.    A good number of 17 to 22-inch fish have been caught on almost every outing.
Flounder are migrating out of the upper Bay areas and holding around the mouth of Tampa Bay getting ready to follow their food sources right off the coast and to also spawn.   If we get through 2012 without any Harmful Algae Bloom, flounder fishing next summer and Fall should be even better than the excellent action we had from August until present.
Reid and his father Dave booked a trip with me for an outing on Reid’s 12th birthday.   Their first trip with me?  Exactly three years earlier on Reid’s ninth birthday following some tough weather, it was not as good a situation as we had for this outing.   After a discussion with Dave, I told him that Reid should be in his own kayak and the plan was set.    Dave and Reid got onto a wild bite just after sunrise and were throwing the Mullet to connect on trout before Reid said, “Is it time to go find those redfish?”    I replied in the affirmative and we made a trek around a sandbar and up a flat to where I expected redfish to arrive.   Right on schedule they did and Reid went to work on them.   Here is Reid standing in the Versa Board and fighting a mid-slot redfish.
His Dad went a short distance away and connected using the pearl white buzz tail.    He connected multiple times and enjoyed the thrill of the strike and the battle.    

Dave and his second redfish caught on consecutive casts.

The competitive nature of even fathers and sons on the water is fun to observe.    Suddenly Dave’s taunting Reid “I’ve caught more” but Reid said “Oh yeah, well I caught the biggest.”    That was true.   It didn’t matter, they had fun all day long and these could be two contenders in the March Captain Mel Classic.

He stood for the rest of it, why not stand up for the photo too? Fought like a pro!

As December gets rolling, extra opportunities exist.    Taking along some fresh shrimp is a great idea to give you the opportunity to connect with sheepshead (like this one Reid caught on his first trip three years ago!)

Three years younger (both of us) but the smiles are the same.

Silver trout will arrive in schools of millions and are hard-hitting, great light tackle action.   Bend down the barbs on your hooks for throwing lures to the speckled trout.   Keep your lures moving nice and slow for the redfish in cooling waters and don’t be surprised to still catch some big flat flounder this month!   Pompano will also be an option and keeping the Silly Willy jigs handy will be the best way to connect on December gold nuggets!

Neil Taylor
  • Jeremy

    One of the best reports ever shared. Lucky kid! He’s got poise at a young age AND a father who takes him fishing: All the luck!!

  • http://www.strikethreekayakfishing.com Neil Taylor

    They’re a great duo Jeremy. I think Reid’s on the verge of maturing a great deal and will become a huge fishing pal to his Dad. Thanks for reading the report.